Build Your Family Tree

A family tree begins with the family and then spreads its tentacles. What information do you have at your fingertips? Sephardic Genealogical Journeys begins by collecting available data, such as birthdays, anniversaries, dates of death, and the location. Using this information as a starting point, Sephardic Genealogical Journeys will also interview family members.

From the initial interviews, and information gathering, an action plan is generated on where to look for additional information [link to research]. For each family tree, Sephardic Genealogical Journeys will work with family members to:

  • Gather birth dates, marriage dates, city of birth, city of marriage, dates of death, maiden names, etc.
  • Conduct interviews with family members to gather anecdotes, stories and oral histories
  • Collect documents (passports, brit milah certificates, ketubot, naturalization papers, invitations, death certificates)
  • Interview and record oral histories
  • Write individual biographies that include such things as experiences, businesses, education, military service and accomplishments
  • Locate and scan family photos.