Web Sharing

Sephardic Genealogical Journeys will work with you and your family to publish your family tree to the internet, if that is the desired outcome. There are various ways to do this including

  1. A private domain where you determine who has access to the information.
  2. A public domain where everyone can see your information
  3. Sending your family tree file to one of many available databases, such as the Family Tree of the Jewish People.

Web sharing has advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage is that you can include elements that could not be printed in a book, such as audio oral histories and video links.

The wonder of the Internet is that your family tree will be there for generations, and that it can easily be changed or added to over time. Sephardic Genealogical Journeys can work with your preferences to assure that your family’s information is shared in a way you find acceptable.