Our Track Record

For more than 20 years, Sarina Roffé has been putting together family genealogies for Sephardic families. She has completed research – including photos, biographies and documents – for more than a dozen families including:


  • Rabbi Moise Beda
  • Abraham Hedaya
  • Chief Rabbi Jacob Kassin z’l – lineage to an unbroken chain of rabbis dating to 1492.
  • Rabbi Ezra Labaton
  • Nissim Missry (Aleppo)
  • Rabbi Abraham Salem (Aleppo)
  • Ben Seruya
  • Abraham Shaalo (Aleppo)
  • Abraham Tobias

Offshoots of these families include the following family surnames: Abadi, Anteby, Attia, Dabbah, Cohen, Dayan, Gindi, Falack, Faham, Esses, Shabot, Shamosh, Tawil, and Sutton to name a few.


  • Roffé
  • Wahnish