Optional Additions

Sephardic Genealogical Journeys works under the philosophy that a family tree is more than just data. It is the stories, documents, biographies of family members, and the photos that bring your family tree to life. This information helps your descendants understand where they came from and develop pride in their heritage.

However, these stories must also be placed in context with the region that the family hails from as well as the geography and politics of the region. To help put context into a family tree, Sephardic Genealogical Journeys has developed some no cost options clients may wish to include in their genealogies. These include

  • History of Jews in Syria (or country of choice)
  • History of Syrian Jews in America
  • Sephardic Naming Practices

Another addition Sephardic Genealogical Journeys offers is a Relationships Chart – this helps family members know how they are related to each other. For example, how is my first cousin’s grandchild related to my grandchildren?

Want other options? Discuss your preferences with Sephardic Genealogical Journeys!