About Us

Sarina Missry Roffe

A t the turn of the 20th Century, and then upon the creation of the State of Israel, many Sephardic families immigrated from North Africa and the Middle East to the Americas. One part of the family may have ended up in Argentina, another in Israel and another in the United States. Families were often large and ties were lost due to geography and as one generation led to the next larger family.

While many Sephardic families know of their roots and can collect some information, the lack of vital records from countries where they hail from make research difficult. And once the information is collected, putting together the information into a useable family tree format is beyond their abilities or time.

Sephardic Genealogical Journeys began by assisting Sephardic families who want to have a record of their genealogy put together as a resource for their families. For some families, the project is to put together the information and create charts of the family tree. For others it is conducting additional research and gathering information from resources that the family may not have time to research themselves.