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About Us

Sarina Missry Roffe

A t the turn of the 20th Century, and then upon the creation of the State of Israel, many Sephardic families immigrated from North Africa and the Middle East to the Americas. One part of the family may have ended up in Argentina, another in Israel and another in the United States. Families were often large and ties were lost due to geography and as one generation led to the next larger family.

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Genealogy in the Torah

The idea of recording one’s family history and understanding genealogical descent is an integral part of the Torah, which includes 477 genealogical records. The Prophets and other books of the Bible include 2,756 genealogical records. Divrei Hayamim (Chronicles) is almost entirely concerned with genealogy. .

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Sephardic Heritage Project

The Sephardic Heritage Project was founded by Sarina Roffé in 2004 to identify and preserve the marriage and brit milah records of the Syrian Jewish community. For the past eight years, Sarina has been working with researchers in New York and Israel to have thousands of Hebrew brit milah and marriage records translated to English so that they could be accessible as an information source for English speaking families researching their family tree. .

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